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Hallelujah – Our New Boxes Arrived!


I’m happy & proud to announce that Family Plaque is now utilizing a 100% recyclable packaging solution! Since starting the business, we’ve used Styrofoam corner guards (much to my dismay) to protect our plaques – and they work great.  But (and it’s a big but), every time I heard one of these Styrofoam “four packs” break apart to be used for shipping, I cringed.  I’d imagine all those tiny white particles that came loose during the breaking process floating off…off… and right into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  The thought that Family Plaque was contributing to that made me sick to my stomach.

Styrofoam Corner Guards (bye bye!)

Styrofoam Corner Guards (bye bye!)

I complained about it long enough that my darling Engineer husband devised the new packing solution, and it requires no corner guards or bubble wrap. The plaque sits snug in a custom two-piece, die-cut box (bottom portion shown in picture below) and then a cardboard “skin” is wrapped around it and the box is taped up.  Family Plaque customers may now take out their plaques when they arrive and immediately put the box in the recycle bin – no muss, no fuss. Check it out:

Family Plaque's new Custom Packaging Solution!

Family Plaque's New Custom Packaging Solution!

To say I’m thrilled with the new box design is an understatement. And, oddly enough, the very same day the boxes showed up — without us knowing they would be delivered that day — I bought The Boss a new bedtime book: Dr Seuss’ The Lorax. I can’t remember if I read this as a child, maybe I did, but the last page seriously brought a tear to my eye when I read it to my son for the first time.  It goes like this:


Catch!” calls the Once-ler.

He lets something fall.

“It’s a Truffula Seed.

It’s the last one of all!

You’re in charge of the last of the Truffula Seeds.

And Truffula Trees are what everyone needs.

Plant a new Truffula. Treat it with care.

Give it clean water.  And feed it fresh air.

Grow a forest. Protect it from axes that hack.

Then the Lorax

and all his friends

may come back.”

Come to find out, there is an entire forest preservation movement based around this book.  It’s called The Lorax Project and I highly encourage you to visit the website to learn more about it.

We’ve all got to do our part to love & protect Mother Earth – and I’m happy Family Plaque has taken yet another step in the right direction!