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  1. Just surfing some sites this afternoon and yours popped up. At first I thought your rental in Grand Lake last summer was on Colombine Lake but the last picture clearly shows our boat dock across the lake. We always have the beautiful hanging flower baskets off the porch. We’re the small cabin next to the McMonster that is being built on the point. Not happy about that. We have had our summer home there for 40 years. It has quite a history. Grand Lake is truly home to us and our children and grandchildren. At one time 7 families from Denver that were friends all had cabins around the lake. There are 4 of us left.
    Hope you continue to have great summers there.

  2. Hi Judy,

    How funny! This was the first time we rented Lone Star Lodge and we just loved it. But, it was for sale while we were there, and I worry it will sell and no longer be available for rent. Would love to buy it myself! It’s such a beautiful, secluded area – we just loved it and the little lake. We took all our super savvy fly fishing gear and didn’t catch a single Trout for two days. The third day we started fishing with worms and couldn’t catch the Trout fast enough! Anyhow, fantastic spot and you’re lucky to live there. Grand Lake is so special – such a fantastic throw back to simpler times. Glad to have a new friend from the area! Stay in touch.

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