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Labor Day Is Less Than A Month Away!


Because my birthday is in September, every year I look forward to celebrating my birthday on Labor Day. It’s not really one of the biggies on the yearly event calendar, aside from a dumb rule about wearing white, so this year I’m going to make it a long weekend and take Friday off, visit the grocery store and stock up on goodies that I wouldn’t otherwise buy — a couple of tasty beers to try, Sriracha (now that’s it’s an ever-increasing commodity), meat products that my arteries might not necessarily appreciate, and plenty of cheese.

But enough about my obsession with fatty milk products, so (embarrassingly) it took me 26 years of living to realize what Labor Day actually was all about. I didn’t know that it was a celebration of the American labor movement/ all of the societal advancements that were achieved as a result. Paid time off, the 40 hour work week, medical benefits (hot button topic… hello!), blah blah blah, the list goes on and on. But the point is a lot of people laboured heavily for the things that we (generally) take for granted and as such, I decided at a stupidly late hour on Tuesday, that I would celebrate by eating cheese. Cheese dipped in Sriracha washed down by a beer.

So for the first time in about 15 years I ventured to Party City, which was FILLED with children meandering the aisles at the speed of caffeinated chipmunks racing toward a pile of chocolate covered acorns, and navigated toward the discount Halloween costumes for adults…but I digress. I got banners and streamers and some thing that hangs over my door and has tinsel hanging down from it (I don’t exactly know why I bought it but it’s festive and I was trying to impress my wife with my party planning skills) and on the way out I bought a miniature white board that I’m going to use to write funny quotes on and change them from time to time over the course of the party. I have already laboured much trying to plan this party.

Less than a month to go and I think the last thing I need for my party is a custom plaque to really set the event off. All of the custom plaques that Family Plaques & More! sell are made from high-quality wood that is powder coated (to render it much less vulnerable to the elements). I figure I can keep the plaque for years so its cost divided by the amount of use I’ll get for it will make the purchase worthwhile AND I get to show off a little bit with a really classy looking sign — I might even post it in the front yard and tell everyone to look out for it when they’re parking.

For more information on Labor Day (IF you’re even interested) visit the Wikipedia article outlining the basics.

Personalized Plaques and Products for Your Home, Office, Boat and Barn


If you’ve been keeping up with Family Plaques & More for a while its no secret we’re known for our beautiful wedding inspired plaques. Did you know we have much more??? Family Plaques & More has a variety of personalized plaque styles and products for your home, office, boat or barn…Seriously, we have equestrian style plaques perfect for your barn or stable. Our plaque categories include personalized bird feeders, clocks and thermometers, garden, house & lawn, nautical and pet inspired plaques. Our hand crafted cast aluminum plaques are made in the USA and will last a lifetime. Check them our for yourself!

Why a Family Plaque Makes The Best Wedding Gift!


Wedding season is upon us! As a friend or family member attending a wedding there are several key steps that must be done in advance to make attending that wedding go off without a hitch…Finding that perfect outfit, making travel plans, maybe a baby sitter and the WEDDING GIFT. Often overlooked but arguably the most important, the wedding gift has become an automatic selection from Amazon or Pottery Barn. Why go for the typical vegetable platter, fruit bowl, or $100 5 piece wine bottle opening contraption? Why not go for a gift that is timeless, unique and certainly memorable? Family Plaques & More offer several unique options of personalized custom wood or cast aluminum plaques with the new married family name and wedding date. The personalized family name plaques come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit the wedding couples unique style. Family Plaques are the quintessential wedding gift because it shows that you as a friend or family member truly care…And you want to celebrate their special day with a special gift that they will have and cherish forever. See for yourself why Family Plaques make for the best wedding gifts! Our selection of personalized wood or metal plaques are available on our website at:

Summer Sale!


We’re celebrating five – FIVE! – wonderful years in business!  And what better way to celebrate than passing on huge savings to our customers. I mean, you all are the reason we’re still here!

Summer Sale

For a limited time, take 30% off ALL our products. Use code SALE during checkout. Click here to get shopping!

Thank you for five great years – and happy shopping!



Family Name Signs – Going Global!


As we mentioned before, we are now shipping our beautiful family name signs internationally. Both our indoor & outdoor signs can ship to & from multiple countries. Visit our website for a full list of countries where we now ship.

As a gift to those who live outside the US, we are including photographs of our company’s beautiful state – Colorado – with each Original Family Plaque. Pictures included will be taken by yours truly and showcase what makes our state so spectacular. The first photograph we’ve selected to include with international orders is the following:  The Crystal Mill

Crystal Mill, Crystal, Colorado - August 2011

Crystal Mill :: Roxanne Stone Photography©

I took this photograph last week while visiting the town of Marble. There is a fantastic outfit there called Crystal River Jeep Tours and we used its service to get in to see the Mill. The road that leads into the town of Crystal is a whopper… 4×4 only and not for the faint of heart. It was a beautiful drive with the top off the jeep & an experienced driver doing all the work so we could sight see.  Crystal River Jeep Tours does more than just the town of Crystal, so if you want to explore the roads less traveled in that area, give them a call. Super nice folks to work with and worth every penny we paid for the service. Oh, and maybe like them on Facebook while you’re at it – they love getting new followers!

If you live/love Colorado, email me suggestions of what locations you think should be included in our international shipments! I’m always looking for the next great location to photograph, so suggestions are welcome: rstone @ (yes, you need eyeballs leaping computer gnomes!).


International Shipping


We’re happy to announce that we now ship internationally! In addition to the US , we now ship all our products to the following countries:

International Shipping for Family Plaques & More

Additionally, we are happy to create an Original Family Plaque in your language – for no additional fee! Simply use our Contact Form  prior to ordering to submit your request.

Happy Shopping!

Home Is Where My Horse Is


myhorseWe’re slowly adding new products to our, “Home is where…” category. However, this is one of our favorites, so we’ve added it to the site a bit early.

Since we make each plaque to order, we can take special requests and change things here & there. For example, we know many of you have more than one horse, so we can modify these plaques to take the plural form, “Home is where my horses are…” Most simple requests, like taking it plural, are free of charge. What’s not to love here?

Click here for your, “Home is Where My Horse Is” plaque.

Family plaques and much more!


Last week brought some changes to Family Plaque, namely that we are no longer Family Plaque. We are now, “Family Plaques & More.”  After surviving a period where many companies went out of business, it became clear to me that Family Plaque stuck around for a few reasons:

  1. We focused on quality products
  2. We were not over-leveraged
  3. We took the time to listen to & please our customers

These three statements may seem like no-brainers to most, but you’d be surprised how far they can take a business (and how many businesses don’t incorporate them into their operating philosophies). And as we move forward, we are still focused on these guidelines, #2 in particular.  The “More” I’m talking about in our new name will be an expansion of our quality offerings – which our customers have asked for - but all in time. We are not going to buy a lot of inventory and add it to the website all at once, but rather, we’ll research new products, see what our customers think, and then add them slowly, in limited quantities, and monitor their performance over time.

We could use your help during this, “More” phase.  Join us on Facebook, where we add photographs of potential products & ask for feedback.  You can also subscribe to our Newsletter and get quarterly updates about what we’re working on, customer specials we’re offering, and…well…more!

I’m not big on change, but this is a change I’m excited about & that I owe a large amount of thanks for. To all of Family Plaque’s customers, new & old, thank you. You are the reason we have stayed in business & are able to expand our business today. We’re excited to have you join us as we move forward. So… goodbye Family Plaque, hello Family Plaques & More!


Monogrammed Family Name Plaques


Big news! Family Plaque will begin offering Limited Edition, Distressed Plaques the week of February 21st, 2011. Here is one example that we’ll be offering.

Distressed Monogram Plaque in Onyx with Light Brown lettering

Distressed Monogram Plaque in Onyx with Light Brown lettering

We’ll be offering these while supplies last. Be sure to Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all our specials, new product offerings & give aways!

Family Plaques & More!


Since the launch of our company online, we have offered the highest quality indoor plaques on the market.  I say this with absolute certainty because I literally started Family Plaque out of my husband’s tool shed.  My husband and I would head to Home Depot, buy wood, bring it home, cut it, rout it, sand it, prime it, paint it, paint it again, and then finally add the vinyl.  I sold these products on eBay to test the waters and see what interest, if any, there was for these items.   After spending a year selling on eBay, I realized the company was viable and I took the plunge and created  We were the first and only company to offer a real-time plaque building feature and are still the leader in this application today.  We moved plaque production out of the husband’s shed and into commercial fabrication & finish shops.  The result was beautiful, durable and well-crafted plaques that would stand the test of time.  So when I say our product is the best, I truly mean that.  We put a lot of time & love into our plaques, and it shows in the final product.  And the best news?  The product is getting even better!

During the past four years, I’ve had a lot of interaction with customers and gotten terrific feedback as to what you all would like to see us offer in addition to our Indoor plaques.  In 2009, we began offering Whitehall plaques & home goods.  And as we rolled into 2011, we expanded our search and are currently looking for more “off the shelf” products for our customers.  When we first started out on eBay, we created small, distressed plaques such as this “Home is where your horse is” plaque.  Would these plaques be something you’d like to see back in our product offering?


A sample of our early "small" plaque with a distressed finish

We are also researching personalized baby/kids items. We had a lot of fun creating these personalized Piggy Banks recently and we hope they will make it to the site soon.

As I stated in the beginning of this post, our plaques are getting better.  This week, we shut down our Plaque Builder because we are taking a few weeks to revamp & improve our plaque production methods.   And although the product is improving, we will not be raising prices on these items.  In addition to improving the Indoor plaques, we will be adding additional plaque & text colors, a third line of text, additional ornaments, and more.  These changes will slowly roll out during the course of 2011, so keep in touch and see what we have to offer!  A great way to stay in touch with us is by joining our new Facebook Fan page.  You can also keep up with me & the company by following us on Twitter.

Have a great weekend & stay tuned!