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We’re happy to announce that we now ship internationally! In addition to the US , we now ship all our products to the following countries:

International Shipping for Family Plaques & More

Additionally, we are happy to create an Original Family Plaque in your language – for no additional fee! Simply use our Contact Form  prior to ordering to submit your request.

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Family Plaques & More!


Since the launch of our company online, we have offered the highest quality indoor plaques on the market.  I say this with absolute certainty because I literally started Family Plaque out of my husband’s tool shed.  My husband and I would head to Home Depot, buy wood, bring it home, cut it, rout it, sand it, prime it, paint it, paint it again, and then finally add the vinyl.  I sold these products on eBay to test the waters and see what interest, if any, there was for these items.   After spending a year selling on eBay, I realized the company was viable and I took the plunge and created  We were the first and only company to offer a real-time plaque building feature and are still the leader in this application today.  We moved plaque production out of the husband’s shed and into commercial fabrication & finish shops.  The result was beautiful, durable and well-crafted plaques that would stand the test of time.  So when I say our product is the best, I truly mean that.  We put a lot of time & love into our plaques, and it shows in the final product.  And the best news?  The product is getting even better!

During the past four years, I’ve had a lot of interaction with customers and gotten terrific feedback as to what you all would like to see us offer in addition to our Indoor plaques.  In 2009, we began offering Whitehall plaques & home goods.  And as we rolled into 2011, we expanded our search and are currently looking for more “off the shelf” products for our customers.  When we first started out on eBay, we created small, distressed plaques such as this “Home is where your horse is” plaque.  Would these plaques be something you’d like to see back in our product offering?


A sample of our early "small" plaque with a distressed finish

We are also researching personalized baby/kids items. We had a lot of fun creating these personalized Piggy Banks recently and we hope they will make it to the site soon.

As I stated in the beginning of this post, our plaques are getting better.  This week, we shut down our Plaque Builder because we are taking a few weeks to revamp & improve our plaque production methods.   And although the product is improving, we will not be raising prices on these items.  In addition to improving the Indoor plaques, we will be adding additional plaque & text colors, a third line of text, additional ornaments, and more.  These changes will slowly roll out during the course of 2011, so keep in touch and see what we have to offer!  A great way to stay in touch with us is by joining our new Facebook Fan page.  You can also keep up with me & the company by following us on Twitter.

Have a great weekend & stay tuned!